All That You Need To Know About District One Villas In Dubai

When you visit Dubai, you’d come across so many great places and communities to visit, that you’ll be spoiled for choices. Among all the amazing places, District One Villas Dubai is one of the most luxurious and famous communities. This neighbourhood is situated within the Mohammed Bin Rashid Area. District one villas are the project of the well-known AE Real Estate Company. You also have the option to choose from various architectural designs of the villas.

All the properties you find in this area have been designed using state of premium quality construction material. Located nearby Business Bay Dubai, the houses in District villas are home to plenty of professionals of different fields living with their families. Most of these are employed in the Business Bay Area. Also, the area is very strongly linked with the Al Khail Rd (E44) and other parts of Dubai.


Transportation and Parking In District One

All the villas you find in the District One villas will have a spacious garage to accommodate one big car in the space easily. Moreover, finding a suitable parking spot in District One is very easy as compared to other places, which is a very rare thing, especially in places filled with vehicles. Visitors are expected to park their vehicles in the side streets because there are no big shopping areas in the city.


Shopping Facilities and Mosques In District One

When we say District one is one of the most amazing places to live in, it is because the place is filled with all the essential facilities important for a good standard of living. The area has a plethora of supermarkets nearby, and you’ll find a huge Carrefour that is only 9 minutes away. The Carrefour near District One does not only provides eatables and FMCGs, but the shopping centre also has dedicated compartments for clothes, electronics, and home renovation. You will also find another supermarket towards the west, which is 12 minutes away, called Al Maya.

Apart from this, the famous Jumeirah Mosque is also situated very close to District One. Moreover, Al Noor Mosque and Mohammad Bin Ahmad Al Mull Mosque are also in the area, making it accessible for Muslims. Most of these mosques are hardly 30 minutes away.


Other Places Near District One

The area is filled with other worshipping facilities as well. There are plenty of temples in the vicinity of District One. The nearest you can find is the Sitladevi Temple, which is almost 8-9 minutes away. Other nicely built Hindu temples are situated in the area of Al Fahidi, where you can reach within 40 minutes. Al Fahidi has around 6 to 7 different temples made for different Gods of Hinduism.

Furthermore, the Church near District One is known as the Baptist Church of the Emirate. This Church is made in the vicinity of Al Barsha and you can reach here in 15 minutes by car.


Schools In The Area

The best part about living in the District One area is the fact that it is filled with schools, all of the amazing standards. Most people choose to live here with their families for this very reason. However, most of these schools aren’t located in the vicinity of the Mohammed Bin Rashid area. You can find these schools in the Al Quoz area, where the famous Clarion School is made on D13 Al Asayel Lane, which is 5-6 minutes away. The Clarion School is considered the best for people who prefer American program schools. Other than this, the Dubai International School Al Quoz is only 10-minutes away, situated on 46 60 St, and this is one of the oldest schools in Dubai, established back in 1985. Dubai International Dubai is big enough to accommodate hundreds of students from distant regions within Dubai.


District One Villas is a truly amazing place to spend quality time with your family. However, this isn’t the only good place. The land is filled with brilliant communities. For instance, Port De La Mer Dubai is also one of the best places, situated at the tip of the North Peninsula at La Mer, where most families come together to make the most of the things they love. Head over to Fam Properties if you’re willing to purchase property in Dubai at the best prices.